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Look at this. It’s worthless — ten dollars from a vendor in the street. But I take it, I bury it in the sand for a thousand years, it becomes priceless.

Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1981



Mau - A template-based markup language

Mau is a lightweight markup language heavily inspired by AsciiDoc that makes is very easy to write blog posts or books. The main goal of Mau is to provide a customisable markup language, reusing the good parts of AsciiDoc and providing a pure Python 3 implementation.


Clean Architectures in Python

The clean architecture is the opposite of spaghetti code, where everything is interlaced and there are no single elements that can be easily detached from the rest and replaced without the whole system collapsing. The main point of the clean architecture is to make clear "what is where and why", and this should be your first concern while you design and implement a software system, whatever architecture or development methodology you want to follow.